About me

Hello there!

I'm Anna, 25 years old, from Sweden. I blog about everything in my life that I feel like sharing. It can be everything from a coffee with a friend to an exciting football game or a trip to an exotic country. But mostly it's makeup, beauty and fashion since that's things that excites and inspires me a lot.

Since October 2012 I work for one of Sweden's biggest underwear stores. I love this job more than I could ever imagine for a job. Not only have I learned how much fitting underwear can affect an outfit, but I get to work with people in a very giving way. When you have someone in the changing room the challenge isn't just to find the right underwear, but to build their confidence and make them feel like they look amazing. Most people doesn't feel very comfortable when they stand there half naked with mirrors in every angle. It's my job to change that!

Keep reading my blog if you want to find out more. Or simply just ask if it's anything in particular you're wondering about.

Over and out!

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