Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Yesterday's shopping

Woke up 6:02 this morning, trying to turn off my alarm clock. Turned out it wasn't the alarm, but the phone ringing. My boss called telling me she was sick and asked me to start working earlier. I said good bye to my short day and went in for the longest day possible, opening till closing. I also get to go in a few hours earlier tomorrow. But the work I do now will pay off before I go to London and that thought makes it a lot easier. And besides, I do like my job so even if it's a lot right now, I do have a lot of fun doing it as well.

As promised, pictures of some of the shopping I did yesterday. The clothes didn't look as good on a hanger, so they might show up on outfit posts in the future.

Can't just pass Lush without a visit. I've wanted to try the lip scrub for a while to see if it's worth the hype. Also found a T for toes, which I think might be good since I wear shoes for hours every day. It's supposed to be good for abrasions and with new shoes I hope that will be helpful. 

A friend to my sister has the luxury to work at Lush and treated us with a test on the cleanser Let the good times roll. The look and the smell makes it feel like you scrub your face with cookie dough. Leaves the skin nice and smooth! 

This Saturday I went to a dinner with my friend who's moving now. While I was waiting for her I stopped by a store and fell in love with this bag. Yesterday when I got back to have a second look at it they had 10% off. Not much, but I chose to see it as a sign and that we were meant to be.

Got some essentials with nail polish remover, cleanser and a base coat from IsaDora. I also had to try their new gel lacquer, which I'm very excited to try. That was a project for this morning, but I never really got the time. I'll save it for tomorrow night. 

Last but not least, two pairs of shoes. Think they both will be good for work, since they don't have high heels, but still aren't completely flat. Also I wanted something comfortable without and still a bit classy looking. The shoes at the bottom seemed perfect for that! The sandals were mostly because they had an offer to buy one pair and get the second pair for half price. I really do like the wedge heel because that makes them nice to walk in and would be good at work as well, now that the spring and summer is approaching.

That's it for tonight. Hope to be able to catch up on all the blogs I've missed tomorrow!

Monday, 28 April 2014

A day off

Hey guys!

So last week was insanely busy as well, with work, work, dinner with friends and extra work. Never thought today would come, but it did and I got my day off. The weather has been a amazing the whole weekend and today I got the chance to enjoy it. I decided to bring my sister to the city.

We had a great day, eating lunch by the canal, doing some spring shopping, trying out a FroYo place we've never visited. Back at home I took the doggie out for a long walk in the sun, just enjoying the weather. Wish I could have another day off tomorrow, but then it's back to work again.

I must say I'm so happy to read all your nice comments here, and it really inspiring me to get back on track again. That is the main reason I'm jumping in with a short post now, even though I won't be able to show what was in my shopping bags until tomorrow. But at least I know what to do next! I'm also very excited to try, and review, one of the things in the bag. As if that wasn't enough I got the new topic for Bloggers Do It better, and I think I have a plan for that one already to publish next week. I'm full of inspiration again, so hopefully I'll be back on a more regular basis again soon.

Bright sun called for the big sunglasses. 

Come back tomorrow to find out what's
inside the bags. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bloggers Do It Better

Hey guys!

If you've read my latest posts you know I've been crazy busy the past weeks, and it will be so for at least this week too. This week we have 20% off on everything in the store, so we have loads to do. Today is my only day off this week, and I was lucky enough to get to spend it with my very close friend that is moving to Greece next week. Monday was the day of an important football game at our home arena, and last night the whole family went to an instruction evening to get to practice driving at home. That being said, there are plenty of reasons why I'm a day late with this weeks Bloggers Do It Better post.

The topic this time was Bargains, and for me this was an easy one. The past few weeks I've been saving a lot of money. All because of my smoothie mixer. I used to spend loads on buying smoothies at my favorite place at the shopping center, but the mixer here has already saved up for itself (well, I didn't pay for it myself but if I would have, the money would be saved by now). Not to mention all the variety I get now! I used to be stuck with my favorite mango smoothie, but now I've been experimenting with lots of different tastes. Also, it's perfect for making soups for lunch, making me save even more money!

For soup I love using broccoli and cauliflower, just adding some salt and pepper. Maybe some herbs for an extra touch. Was told to use some lime or lemon, so I might try that next time.

For breakfast as a fresh start of the day I love a carrot smoothie with some orange and ginger.

Since I often work long days I try to bring a second smoothie to work. That one is usually a bit fruitier. A favorite is banana, raspberries and vanilla yogurt. If I work closing shift I like to ad an egg to stay full a bit longer.

Hope you got some inspiration from this post. If so, feel free to follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter. Hopefully I'll be able to go back to my normal Blogging routine soon. Miss you all!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Orange smoothie

Hi there!

I thought things would have slowed down by now, but one colleague is still sick and the other one gets back to work today, but can't work full time right away, so I was asked to work longer today and tomorrow as well. I'm working Wednesday too, but hoping either of them will be well enough to take my shift then. Going in for day seven today!

Since I really wanted to post something here I took a quick look through my camera and found a picture of one of my favorite smoothies so far.

This is made of carrots, orange and a bit of ginger. Tastes really fresh and feels like a good vitamin kick to start the day with. The orange colour is just lovely to look at as well! I still have some of your tips to try, but if you have more to share just let me know!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Crazy week

Hey guys!

This week has been totally crazy. I've traveled half way through the country (not really, but about 3 hours by train to get there, and 3 hours on the train home) to see a football game. My beloved team crushed our biggest rivals with 3-0. Lovely feeling.

I have been to a lovely dinner with our suppliers, which ended up as a night out on the town with really tasty drinks and dinner to die for. Not to mention the fantastic company! All though, one colleague had to leave early because she wasn't feeling well.

Morning after we got the message, she had been to the hospital during the night. No one really knows what's wrong, but she'll be gone for at least the week.

One man down wasn't enough. The next colleague lost her voice, went to the doctor and was told to stay at home for at least the rest of the week.

Me and my boss were running around like crazy hens, trying to find a way to get the schedule to work. Barely made it, and then major deliveries turned up at work. The first one seemed okay, the second one made it harder but still seemed to be something we could handle. When the third one arrived we realized we wouldn't be able to do this on our own. Then the fourth one arrived. And a fifth one.

Did I mention that my boss had to leave early both today and tomorrow, since she has small kids that she has to pick up from daycare? And that she will be gone for the weekend?

I'm just gonna go smash my head through a wall, so I can get a good night's sleep. My Friday off tomorrow turned into a 9 hour long day at work, so I'll probably get to gather as much energy as possible. I'll be back with loads of fun stuff as soon as this wind blows over!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Bloggers Do It Better

Hey guys,

A while ago I wrote about a new challenge I accepted. It's the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge (click link to read more). It's now time for all of us to publish our very first posts. The first topic we were given was "Bloggers do Spring better". My immediate thought was inspiring pictures of pastel clothes and makeup. But the weather is really changing back and forward here in Sweden. One day sun, and the next cold and rainy (it's what we like to call April weather). I still walk around in my winter jacket and knitted sweaters. I didn't really think I had the material I needed for that kind of post. As I wrote in previous posts I spent the weekend in my cabin, and there the idea of this post hit me. Bloggers do spring better because of their awareness.

Since I started blogging I find myself much more aware of the details around me, and with spring arriving there are much details to notice. Especially there, in that beloved cabin in the woods. Just going there is a big sign of spring for me. When I was a kid we couldn't stay there during winter since we had a well in the garden that supplied the house with water. In the winter the water froze, and we had no water inside. (As my parents inherited the cabin they had a major reconstruction done to change this) Back then we went there a last time in September or October and then closed everything down until April. Ever since there is something special about feeling the fresh air and see the wood anemones spread wildly in our forest.

This time I felt even more aware of everything around me. I sat inside, watching the rain fall down outside, and all I wanted was to take some photos of all the birds, flowers and trees that was starting to bloom. Mostly because I wanted to show them here.

Even before the visit there I found myself enjoying the spring much more. I'm constantly looking for inspiration for my blog, which makes me go out for walks, just sit down by the duck pond in the neighbor hood, notice that little butterfly or ladybug. And not just notice, that little bug can be the start of a thought you want to share with the world. I even enjoy my shopping much more than before. If I buy a new nail polish now it's not just for me to paint my nails and enjoy for a couple of days. No, a new nail polish is a blog post for everyone that's interested to read.

I could go on forever, but I think you get my point by now. Bloggers do Spring better because we're more aware of the details around us.

Some things I love about this spring!

1. One of my favorite shades of nail polish this spring: Isadora Sugar Nails in colour 133 Macaron
2. Fist ladybug of the year
3. Wood anemones
4. Coffee outside in the sun
5. Being able to wear my beloved Converse without freezing
6. The duck pond in the neighbor hood
7. The cabin
8. Picture from last year, but this will get to symbolize walks with doggie. The horse belongs to a neighbor to the cabin.
9. Open fires to keep warm. Might be seen as an autumn picture, but we have no fireplace at home, so the first fire of the year in the cabin is still spring to me

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weekend in the woods

I was hoping I would have a bunch of pictures to show today, but it has been raining and been really cold so I never got outside like I hoped. Instead I spent the whole day just resting. I slept in, then I spent the whole day in the couch in front of the open fire, watching some TV shows I missed out on, since I worked a lot this week. It may sound like a waste of time, but it was very much needed. Working in a store that is open seven days a week makes having two days off in a row seem like pure luxury, and when I only have one day to spare I always have loads to do. I can't remember when I last allowed myself to do nothing at all and just let body and mind reload. Even though it was raining and I didn't get to go outside as I had hoped, the idea to spend the weekend in the cabin was the greatest idea. I had never let myself do this at home. I would have found plenty of things I just had to do.

A thing about this place is that it always makes me feel safe, comfortable and calm. I've spent every summer here since 1991. I was born in September 1989, so I can't even remember a life without this place. My grandparents rented the house for a few years, and we spent the summers with them and my aunts family. After a few years Grandpa and Grandma decided to buy the place, and when they passed away my Dad (and Mum) inherited it. I'm so happy they have kept it, because I really feel at home here. My own magical place. So many memories, and even more to come.

I usually share  this room with my sister, but since she
couldn't come someone else took possession of the bed.

Close up on the window. I rocked those shoes as a kid.

I was treated to a glass of rose wine last night. Lovely!

Nothing calms me like this fire place. 

This diary, written in 1955, belonged to my father's
 grandfather. Pretty cool!

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Hi everyone!

I made it! I managed to find some internet connection in the woods. I have the weekend off and decided to join my parents and go to our summer cabin. It's so lovely to be here! Hopefully the weather is okay tomorrow so I can take some nice pictures. Would love to show my favorite place on earth!

I got an offer to try Glossybox to a reduced price, and I just had to jump on. I love surprises and I love trying new things, so it just seemed like the perfect thing for me. Today the first box showed up at my door, and it was a pleasant surprise! I will do decent reviews on the products later on, when I've tried them properly, so for now I'll just let you know what was inside the box.

Lovely wrapping! So exciting! 

Look at all the lovely things I got! 

Panos Emporio Deospray A preview of the new deospray called Goldflower. "Romantic and elegant smell filled with florwes and fresh fruits" It sure smells amazing! 

Mitchell and Peach A body cream with honey and coconut. Yep! I'm in love with the smell of this one as well. Hope it'll do a nice job too. 

Oriflame The ONE Power Shine Lipstick, Lustros Nude. The colour looks really nice and shimmery. Can't wait to try it with a nice looking makeup.

Fleur de Santé Precious Skin Twinkle Eye Contour Cream. Perfect! I've been thinking I should get a new eye cream, but never got to it. Now I have a new one to try!

Models own Nail polish for a nail polish freak. Couldn't be better. Hard to see the nice sparkles on this pictures. (Just noticed, it's close to 1 A.M. It will do for now). Keep an eye out for the full review.

I think I got lucky this time. What do you think? Have you tried any of the products?

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

First order from Feel Unique

A good thing about living in Europe is that you can order from companies in EU without paying extra duty fees (something you always have to be prepared for if you order from outside EU). About two weeks ago I placed an order from Feel Unique, since they are from the UK I didn't think twice about it. What I didn't know is that the Channel Islands are not included in this tax area (or whatever they call it) and that Feel Unique sends their orders from one of these islands. It was a not so pleasant surprise to get that yellow letter in the mail box telling me I had a parcel to pick up, among with a bill for tax and service charge. I paid less than 300 SEK ($46, £28) for my order, and the bill was for another 174 SEK ($27, £16). On top of this I got an e-mail saying they had 25% off the items I had ordered, just the day after I got the confirmation of dispatched order. I sure hope the products are worth the extra money!

The things I ordered was from Tanya Burr's lips and nails. Two lip glosses and a nail polish for me, and a nail polish for my sister. I'm really excited to try these, since I've heard so much good about them. Besides I think Tanya is so lovely I would have needed to try them even if the reviews weren't so good. I will write my own thoughts about them as soon as I've had time to try them properly. Soon it's time to run off to work again. Just today and tomorrow left before I'll have a few days off. Can't wait!

Just to be clear, I'm not in any way dissatisfied with the service from Feel Unique, just the fact that I was so unlucky in this case. All though I think it would be great if they stated their location a bit clearer in the shipping details. I can not be the only one who has experienced this.

Lip glosses in Picnic in the Park and Aurora

Nail Polish in Mini Marshmallow