Friday, 31 January 2014

A parcel from the States

Hi again,

When I got home today there was a parcel waiting for me outside the door. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I work in a store that sells underwear. It's easy to get your favorites, but in a small country as Sweden the range of products isn't as large as if you give a look to the west. When I found some of my absolute favorites in colors that is not available here, me and my colleagues had to try them out and today they were delivered.

Two of my favorite brands are Calvin Klein and Elle MacPherson Intimates. If you, like me, need a quite small size around the back but a larger cup EMI is top notch. Before I came across EMI i thought that these sizes were only made in practical and basic garments. Now I can get a steady and comfortable bra, with gorgeous designs and other colors than white, black and beige!

Calvin Klein is not to think about if you have a fuller bust, but the Bottoms Up hipsters are to die for. They are very comfy and have no thick seams so there won't be much visible lines under tight pieces of clothing. Not to mention the AWESOME colors, new ones to arrive all the time. The colors I found this time is so me, so I just couldn't leave the page without making sure I  got some in the shopping trolley.

Sister time and me time

Today my plan was to run some errands, so I took my sister by the hand and jumped on a bus into town. I forgot most of the things I was supposed to do, but at least I got an HDMI cable to my camera. Most importantly I got some quality with Fia and we got to eat sushi at one of our favorite places. Such an easy thing to do to make the whole day feel awesome.

Back at home I decided to take some time to myself and have mini-spa. I used some of my favorite products for this. Facial mask from The Body Shop, Macadamia Hair Mask, body scrub from Rituals and bath melt from Lush. Not shown in the picture is my oil therapy skin treatment from Biotherm. When you have the time to spoil yourself a little you probably deserve some snack as well. For me coke, Djungelvrål (also known as "the swedish death candy") and a Swedish chocolate ball was right on what I wanted today.

I hadn't tried this bath melt from Lush before today, but I really liked it. Luckily I bought two, because it was a Christmas special so it's not in store anymore. Will keep the other one for a day when I really feel like glowing. I can promise you my whole body is shimmering in silver!

The other products will most likely get their own posts in the future.

Pamper time
Me, waiting for the bus this morning.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

In my room


Finally a day where I got home before closing time at work. Unfortunately not before sunset, which I was hoping for. But, tomorrow I've got a day off so I will get a chance to try out my camera in daylight for the first time. It's also the last day off from work before I go to Thailand, so I have plenty to do tomorrow. Will start packing, exchange some money and buy some magazines for the flight. If I have time left I plan for some pamper time so I get to relax a little and get freshened up for another week at work.

Today's pictures are of things in my room. Might be a few more pictures on that theme in the future. I just happen to like things in here.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sugar crush

I'm going to show you one of my favourite beauty products, all time! The Isadora's Sugar Crush nail polish. I love the matt, yet sparkly effect. Wearing this I often get compliments from costumers in the store. On the picutre I'm using the colour 108 Wine crush. This goes along well with most of the clothes in my closet right now. It's a sober colour that tones all the glitter down a bit. For a "wine" colour I could wish for a slightly more red tone, but I'm still loving it.

Isadora Sugar crush, colour 108 Wine crush

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Daily update

Hey there!

Had a long day at work today. We have loads to do at the moment with all the news arriving after the christmas sales. Love to see the spring colours taking over. I really am a christmas person, but even so I like to get the fresh start every year when the first pastel colours are comming in. This year we're going for more casual clothing than usuall, which I love! Otherwise we sell more underwear and sleepwear, so it's awesome to see all the new things. 

Now I'm getting ready for the evening. Can't wait to sit down on the couch with some hot tea, dark chocolate and a nice warm blanket.  

China Glaze

I love nail polish! I think it's a great touch to an outfit and show some extra effort. Also it's great when you need to relax, since you give yourself a reason to just sit down for a few minutes while you wait for the polish to dry. 

One of my favorit brands is China Glaze. Usually I can wear them for a few days before they begin to chip. I use the China Glaze First & Last base and top coat. It gives a nice shiny look and some extra hold to the polish. Right now I'm wearing a bright pink colour, inspired by the fact that I'm of to Thailand soon and almost can feel the summer already. The name of the shade, Escaping Reality, says alot about what I'm feeling right now as well. 

1195 Escaping reality (iPhone picture)

1195 Escaping Reallity (iPhone picture)

Monday, 27 January 2014


I've been waiting all night for the battery to get ready. Oh, the joy when the lamp on the charger turned green! No one was up for portrait pictures (me neither). It's been a really lazy day here, so after the walk with the dog I went back into my PJ's.

I've been taking a couple of pictures just to try the camera out. We do have to get to know each other better to learn all the features and how to get the best pictures, but from what I've seen so far I love it. Can't wait to try it in day light, for portraits, filming videos etc.

Close up of my day and night cream

Trying out the zoom, from the other side of the room. 

Welcome home!

He's here!! My brother finally came home with the camera. It's a Canon Ixus 125hs. I really look forward to get to know this new kid of mine. Can't wait for the battery to load so I can start using it. Wish I had a few days of from work, just to play with it.

Canon Ixus 125hs (picture taken with iPhone)

Snowy day

Hello again!

So the winter finaly came to Sweden. We didn't really have any snow before the end of 2013, but now it's winter white outside. In my family it's just me and the dog who enjoys it. This morning i put on two pair of pants, warm socks, double sweaters and all possible outdoor wear, then took Max out for a long walk in the snow. Before we went back inside I let him loose in the garden and played with his frog toy. Love seeing him run around like life has never been better.

At this moment I'm waiting impatiently for my brother to get home from work. He's helping me with the purchase of a new camera. I've been thinking about buying this for a long time, and I really want it before I go to Thailand next week. Now we get a chance to know each other before we leave. The fact that I desided for this camera now is one of the reasons I wanted to start the blog again. It will be more fun with a blog if you have pictures to show, and more fun to take picutres if you have somewhere to show them. WIN-WIN!

My baby in the garden (Picture taken with iPhone)

Fresh start

Hi there!

I'm going to give this blog a new chanse, a fresh start. Everything from the past is removed and the future will fill a lot of blank pages. The language is changed. From the Swedish comfort zone, to English. The grammar might not always be perfect. Same for spelling. Still I'm comfident enough, thinking I will make myself understood. I see this blog as a way to practice my English skills and open up for readers all over the world. Where this will lead? I have no idea. Time will tell!

See you later!