Friday, 28 November 2014

Glossybox November



After a week of running to the mail box everytime a car that could have been the mail man drove by, my November Glossybox finaly arrived. It was waiting for me when I got home from a crazy day at work, so it was perfect timing! And YES I was happy with the contant this time too!


Make Up Store Lipgloss Wand

Glossybox and Make Up Store is still giving away a full size product every month. I got the lipgloss in colour 381 Dahlia. It's a nice pink shade with loads of beautiful shimmer. I've been really happ with the eye products, so I'm excited to try this one as well.


Model Co More Brows, Eyebrow Thickening gel

A brow gel is actually something I've been planing to buy, but always find other things that seems more fun at the moment. I think I will re-think that thought from now on. I gave it a try right away, and I really liked the result. I got the colour medium/dark and thought it would be too dark for me, but with a light hand it works perfect.


Hot Make Up Glitter Glam

This is a really glittery gel, that works just as good on the eyes as on the nails if you secure it with a top coat polish. The colour isn't something I would pick myself, but I could see some cool Christmas inspired make up with this one. Look forward to give it a try.


Sumita Beauty Eye Shadow Pencil

A shimmery eyeliner in the colour Champagne. I think it's a little dark for it's name, but it does look fantastic! Neutral colours can never go wrong. It's very nice and creamy and gives lovely pigment even with a light hand, which I really appreciate working on the eyes. This one has lots of potential to be a favorite!


L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

I've read lots of great reviews about products from L'occitane, but never tried them myself. I was actually planning to buy something at Woodbury in New York, but there was so much to chose from and I didn't know where to start looking, so I endend up buying nothing. Now they have a new chance to convince me!

The hand cream is with shea butter, honey and almonds. That does sound like something for me!


That's it for tonight. More New York posts are still to come, but when the box arrived today it jumped to the first place in the line.


Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Let me know in the comments below.




Wednesday, 26 November 2014

New York, I'm in love


Now we've been back in Sweden for a couple of days and been trying to get back on track from the jet lag. It doesn't make it easier with birthday parties and an all night out, but we're getting there. 

New York was AMAZING! I really didn't want to go home so soon, and I can't wait to go back. Hopefully I will just have to wait for a few more months before I go back with Martin and my sister, Fia.  

We decided to live in a hotel on Long Island, with the view over Manhattan, which was genius! We lived in a very nice and calm area, and it was really easy to get to the city center with the metro. Also we got a way better hotel for the price compared to what we found in Manhattan. (I'm planning a review on the hotel in the near future.)

Visiting New York has always been a big dream of mine, and it was just as fantastic as I had imagined. I got a little starstruck at Times Square, "I'VE SEEN THIS ON PROJECT RUNWAY", and a whole lot of other movies and TV-shows, but that's what got on my mind. Walking around, and eating breakfast, in Central Park was just as beautiful and fairy like as I had hoped, with all the squirrels and birds that allowed you to come really close. Rock of Ages was way better live on Broadway, than watching the movie from the couch at home. And 9/11 became real, when I stood there at Ground Zero and noticed all the names of victims. Not to mention the view from the pier in Long Island, both day and night, at the Manhattan skyline that gave me goosebumps all over my body.

Aaaand, for a shoppoholic like me that was an insane experience as well. We got time for a lot of shopping in the city and a whole day at Woodbury. THANK GOD, I have a boyfriend that loves shopping (almost) as much as I do, and don't mind spending the days in a whole lot of stores, and a whole lot of changing rooms. USA is extremely cheap compared to Sweden to start with, and if you go to an outlet or a sale it's impossible to not go bananas!  

I could write about this trip forever, but it's getting really late and I need to work tomorrow. Stay posted though, I do have a few more posts about New York planned. It's just a matter of finding spare time, which is sort of scarce commodity at the moment, but we'll get there!

Good night for now!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

PJ Salvage

Hi there!

Long time no see. Things have been kind of crazy lately. Long stories short, we didn't get the apartment we were looking at, I got sick during our trip to Madrid, two colleagues quit our job (which is quite a lot since we're only five people in the staff) just before the Christmas sales are about to start and I found an education I want to take part that starts by the end of January. It's fair to say my head has been ready to explode for a while now.

Since Christmas is around the corner, at least in the retail businesses, we get a lot of news to the store at the moment. A brand new brand for us is PJ Salvage, that makes adorable PJ's. Cats, dogs, owls, elephants, cookies & milk. They all look lovely! And one of the best parts is that it's delivered in a pizza box! Who can not fall for that?

Recently we reached a sales goal at work from one of our suppliers, and they were kind enough to let us pick a gift from one of their brands. I had fell in love with the elephant PJ's, so for me the choice was easy. (Even though I did try the other ones as well, just to be really sure. And Oh, Lord it was a good choice! I've pretty much moved in to this lovely piece of clothing. The first thing I do as I get home in the evening is to jump into this one. Maybe I should invest in one more, so that I have one in each of my two homes... And my little fur ball, Max, would like you all to know that it's totally cuddle approved.

On Friday me and M are going to New York! It has been one of my  biggest dreams since I was about 15 years old, and now it's just a few days more until it comes true. Overly excited about that! Hit me with your best trip advises if you've been there!